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CASBHC Awarded 2-year Oral Health Advocacy Grant
The Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers was awarded a two-year grant from the CT Health Foundation to continue building upon and strengthening the system of oral health advocates among school based health center staff, students, and parents to increase the number of dental programs in schools.
As the momentum for adopting alternative payment models develops and influences the reimbursement of Medicaid services, school-based health centers should be included in APM models.

Promoting health equity through education programs and policies, improving educational and health outcomes

A snapshot from the Connecticut Department of Public Health based on an analysis of annual reports from 2014-2015. Child and adolescent mental/behavioral health is important to overall health. Research determines that one-half of all lifetime diagnosable mental health conditions begin by the age of 14.

The Connecticut Association of School Based Health Centers is an advocacy and networking organization committed to increasing access to quality health care for all children and adolescents in Connecticut schools.

Connecticut’s school based health centers have been delivering comprehensive health care to students in schools for 30 years -- where they spend 25% of their day.  Today, there are more than 96 school based health centers in the state, and the number keeps growing each year.  The centers have become part of the essential system of care for children and adolescents, providing physical, mental health, and oral health services to over 44,000 students annually in 26 communities.
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