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Connecticut Association of 
School Based Health Centers

Brief Reports

Mental Health
School Based Health Centers offer high quality mental health care, provided by clinicians with expertise in child and adolescent health, using an interdisciplinary approach to health. SBHCs reduce the barriers experienced in traditional mental health settings, including stigma, difficulty accessing care, and long wait times for appointments. 

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) offer an opportunity to identify and monitor obesity in young children and adolescents. Preventive services such as dietary and exercise counseling are offered at many SBHCs throughout the state.
A recent study found strong economic benefits to School-Based Health Care (SBHC) programs for managing childhood asthma.  The authors found that nearly half the cost of administering SBHC programs is recaptured through reduced emergency room, hospital, and outpatient expenses.
Connecticut's School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) play a vital role in keeping children healthy and in school through the provision of immunization on site.  The State of Connecticut has mandatory immunization requirements for children.  Without proof of such vaccines, children are not allowed to attend school.